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Possible bug in Intel RST drivers

Until recently I was using the Intel Rapid Storage drivers with my G1 X18-m. I have since rolled back to the Microsoft AHCI drivers in Windows 7. I discovered that the Intel driver may have difficulties when bad sectors are detected on the SSD. I had several sectors showing as bad when running an HD Tune error scan and the Intel Toolbox full diagnostic scan would fail on the read scan. When the HDTune scan reached a bad sector under the RST drivers, my system would freeze up for several minutes before continuing the scan. With the Windows 7 standard AHCI driver, however, the bad sectors are detected as normal and the system does not freeze. Also, under the RST drivers, the sectors appeared not to be marked as bad as one would expect. With the MS AHCI driver, the bad sectors were correctly marked as bad and the SMART "Reallocated sector count" was updated to reflect this. Subsequent HD Tune scans now show that the sectors that were previously marked as bad have been replaced with good sectors. Maybe the Intel drivers have something to do with the stuttering that some users have reported if bad sectors are not correctly replaced?

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Maybe this is just a bug of the first RST driver version

There are new Intel RST drivers v9.5.4.1001 out since last week. They are dated 20th November 2009 and WHQL certified.

Unfortunately these new drivers do not support any ICH 7-10 Southbridge running in AHCI Mode.

You can get them here: 9314 9314