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Postville Drive Plastic Spacer


I have a new Generation 2 160Gb X25-M SSD - one of the Postville drives in silver. The drive ships with a black plastic 'spacer' that you can see here:

Apparently this spacer is to make the drive fit where standard 9.5mm high drives fit. Without the spacer the drive has a 7mm(?) height. This drive lives in my 13" Unibody Macbook. The drive height is irrelevant in there. The drive sits in little rubber 'shoes' and 'floats' in a space that's higher than 9.5mm - basically the spacer isn't required. You can see how much height there already is above a regular 9.5mm drive here:

However, the label states that removing it invalidates the warranty! Is this true? I've tried taking it off anyway, but without it the screws don't fit back flush and stick out quite a way - the holes they screw into don't seem 'deep' enough. So I'm currently carting this plastic around inside my macbook.

My question is, does removing this (in my case) useless plastic spacer invalidate the warranty? If I do remove it, do I need another set of (shorter) screws to hold the drive back together, or should I be less gentle and just screw them all the way in?

And yes, I'm pedantic!

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