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Presently have a two HDD RAID 1 setup, working fine. Lookly to try a single SSD setup

I am intending to disconnect the current HDD RAID 1 setup and install a single SSD and then load Windows 7 and a few applications to judge any data read improvements. I would then like to remove the SSD and refit original HDD's, will the original RAID 1 setup function correctly or are there complications, please can somebody advise.

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Community Manager

Should work fine as long as you reconfigure everything as is.

However, there are possibly easier/better ways of testing for your consideration:

1) Just install the SSD as another storage device and redirect your application output/temp files to the SSD. You can also use a 3rd party program called Steam Mover which will create junction points to the SSD.

2) Use the Intel Data Migration tool and apply an image of the RAID1 to the SSD. This way you don't have to reinstall anything. The other limitation of this is the used space on the partition cannot be greater than the SSD size.