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Problem with HID event filter driver

Hello dear community,

first of all a little "hello" in the round!

I'm owner of a Medion Akoya E3216 laptop and have a question about an Intel Driver:
After I set up my Windows 10 again and updated it with all the drivers offered via Windows Update, there were always problems with the keyboard and the touchpad. This was shown by the fact that context menus closed again after moving the mouse, letters were written twice and / or left out, and sometimes after a long typing some windows / programs opened out of nowhere.

Then I installed all drivers of the driver package on the Medion support page for this laptop (even if some of them are older versions). In order to find the culprit, I tested again and again after each driver whether something has changed, and lo and behold:
The problem is due to the Intel HID Event Filter driver, which is installed via Windows Update with version The older version offered by Medion, however, runs perfectly.

Of course, you could now say that the problem is solved. However, Windows also updates the drivers from time to time, especially with the major Windows version updates that appear every six months. Would it make sense to inform Intel or Microsoft about this? I am not quite sure who the driver is offered by. At least I couldn't find a special driver on the Intel homepage.

Many greetings


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Hello, @lathian.


Thank you for contacting the Intel Community Support.


Knowing that there is no exact Intel product in question in order for us to route your question properly, the best option would be to contact the system manufacturer in order for them to provide more guidance or information, they may even have reports about similar issue in the same system model.


I will proceed to close the thread, but if you require any type of assistance from Intel, you can always contact us back.


Best regards,


Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel