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Question about Partition and Alignment


First off, I am noob to SSD. I have read (almost) everything about SSD performance and endurance. I have a blank factory sealed intel x25m 160gb.

First step is of course flash it to the latest firmware and thanks to the discussion here, I was able to find out how to do it via USB thumb drive.

The 2nd thing is that I would like to "under" partition the drive for endurance (there is a thread on TRIM and under partition) and in the end I can forsake few GB off and do say do another 10% of spare area i.e. partition 144GB out of 160GB. Problem is, how can I do this? I know I could do it via windows 7 setup but in windows 7 setup, when you do a partition, there is an additional 100MB of "system" partition. Will that be a problem?

IF I do the partition via windows disk management (w7 x86), will I have alignment problems?

In the end, my question is, what is the best way to partition my ssd after firmware upgrade? Via W7 setup? Or via an exisiting W7 OS disk management or other software?

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