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RAID0IMSVolume : failed



my notebook less than a year recently got a problems.

from intel Rapid Storage Technology, show have problems RAID 0

attached is the error. any help?

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Hello mraz,

The pictures you have provided indicate that the the Toshiba SSD in port 0 is not communicating with the storage controller and has been marked as failed.

We strongly advise you to contact Toshiba Services & Support for further assistance, so they can help you troubleshoot this SSD.

Please keep in mind that RAID 0 does not provide data redundancy and requires the 2 members to be online for the data to be accessible.

In RAID 0, if one RAID member fails, then all the information in the RAID volume may be lost.

Here are some common troubleshooting actions for this type of issues:

- Go to the BIOS of your PC and check if the drive is detected properly or not.

- Try the drive using a different port and SATA cables.

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If the drive is detected normally in the BIOS, please go back to the iRST Console, in the Manage tab, Manage Disk in Port 0, as you did in the 3rd picture before.

In Status, click on "Mark as normal".

If the drive is operational, but had previously been marked as failed, you might be able to recover the RAID volume and back up your data before continue further maintenance.

You can find more information about this in the Help Menu of iRST.