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S3700 OEM firmware update problem

Hi, i recently bought two drives. Intel OEM S3700 400GB.

Serial Number, BTTV22060099400HGN

Firmware Version, 5DV10213

Serial Number, BTTV220600HA400HGN

Firmware Version, 5DAA0120

Currenly i don't know from which manufacture servers its pulled off, i trying to get this info. But i simply try update firmware via Intel SSD Toolbox and its says that its already has latest version. In another question on this forum i found that "Intel SSD Toolbox does not have the ability to update the firmware on OEM drives" ( )

But why firmware ID like original Intel dirves??? I have one S3700 retail version and its has 5DV10265 and updated to 5DV10270 like on web site info.

Next problem, BTTV220600HA400HGN(fm.5DAA0120) get 8 MB fail after i turn off notebook and replace SSD to my computer (from AHCI notebook to IDE mode PC) and i see this fail . SSD was clean and without logical partition, if its important info. Before it i done full test in Intel SSD Toolbox - all was successfully.

I read about similar probled in 320 series but now i see this on 3700

I get two reports via Intel SSD Toolbox before and after fail (attached).

So the main points:

1. Hot to identify OEM manufacturer? (if its needed)

2. How to update firmware?

3. How to fix failed SSD?

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Hi Pavel_gn,

Let me help you with this,

It is too bad you are having problems with the but there are some troubleshooting steps I want you to try:

  1. First of all I will need to have a picture of the SSD Label to identify the information. Please send it to me via Private Message for security reasons.
  2. At this point the only way to fix the 8MB issue on the SSDs is to do a secure erase or low level format. BY doing this the SSD will be functional again with its full capacity.

I'll be waiting for the PM

Kevin M


Hi Kevin. Both this drives I bought without any label and seller notify me about that. He says, that it was pulled from some machine, currently I'm waiting for additional info about this machine.

Also I attached photo of internal part of this two drives, maybe it's can help. I if it's help I can make photo of other side of PCB, but there only memory chips and small SMD items.

Also in top case lead (internal side):

G49679-001 Rev 01 16/2012 for BTTV22060099400HGN

G49679-001 Rev 01 09/2012 for BTTV220600HA400HGN.

  1. I don't know what it means, but hope it can help J.

On this moment when I try to initialize broken SSD on AHCI mode in windows – it's says about I/O error, if on IDE mode – it's think about 30-60 seconds and say - that can't find required sector.

About secure Erase

I done several actions:

  1. Parted Magic (build 2014_02_26) tool Disk Eraser 101 – its can do this operation with any problems such Frozen Lock (like in Intel SSD Toolbox) and there is also option Internal Secure Erase (with two options: secure and enhanced), I done it with both (first enhanced, than secure – nothing changed) maybe I it's required power turn off/on and reattaching SSD – I don't do this L

So about low level format, what tool I need for it?

Also there is possibility, that this SSD's from HP, Dell, Lenovo server/desktop machine – if it's true, is this info make some sense or importance?


Image for BTTV22060099400HGN


Image for BTTV220600HA400HGN




Hello Pavel_gn,

I completely understand but please note that we need to have the label of each SSD so that we can provide the accurate information.

At this point I regret to say that you need to contact the seller and verify with them what the computer model is. This is because when using an OEM SSD the only way to get the firmware update is through the manufacture.


Ok, while i trying to get info about manufacturer from seller what options i have about low level formating?

On this moment I can try this, then try to update firmware. Is there some sense or maybe some other ways?


You can do a low level format. That will erase everything completely from the SSD and it will be like starting from scratch.


In the meantime, it would be appreciated to have access to an advanced user mode, where knowledgeable users would have the possibility to flash OEM SSDs back to original Intel firmwares.

HP does not provide any tool or update.


From our side you can do a low level format using the Intel® Toolbox software but I regret to say there is not a software that can take back the firmware version to the original.