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SSD 320 (160GB) generates noises when getting accessed

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Hello dear community / dear intel staff,

I recently purchased an intel ssd 320 with 160gb of storage space (it was bundled with a used lenovo T500).

I noticed that the drive generates noises when it is accessed. Means that I can hear a sound that is similar to a transformator. It is not really disturbing and it is not too loud but if it is possible to minimize the sound please let me know how i can do that.

And for the information:

CT: ucbuh01g60u3cl

isn: cvpr122602rh160dgn

sa: g28394-601

If you have some info, just drop me a few lines, please :-)



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SSDs are silent. My guess would be your motherboard isn't shielded or grounded properly. There can be many causes to this, but some of the common fixes:

- Visually inspect the motherboard to make sure everything is seated properly, nothing is loose. Reseat any PCI/PCIe cards and plugs. Reseat anything plugged into the back of your PC like headphones or cables.

- Attempt to disable the sound (integrated or third party) and see if the noise goes away, to narrow down the source.

If this started just after plugging in your drive, verify the cables to your drive are tight. Consider using another power cable to your SSD.