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SSD 320 --> the dreaded 8 MB firmware bug is still there unresolved

This is a follow-up to my previous post.

I recently experienced a sudden BSOD with the 300 GB version of Intel SSD 320 and the drive ended up defunct with the dreaded 8 MB bug.

Now, what is really concerning is that I had the very latest and greatest FW upgrade installed - the version that Intel claims resolved the 8 MB bug.

Obviously, the latest FW resolved nothing and it seems any SSD 320 out there is still prone to this catastrophic failure, which can happen any time for no specific reason. This is the drive that Intel touts as having "almost" enterprise-class reliability.

The problem has been known since 2011, the SSD 320 failure reports continue showing up on the Internet even now in 2013 - my case is only one of them. I'm just wondering how Intel can continue selling these drives knowing it is a bomb that is bound to detonate with a very high degree of certainty over time for everyone who buys them.

At this point, the SSD 320 drives seem practically unusable from a reliability perspective. IMHO, warranty replacement does not resolve the situation. Unless the root cause of the bug is identified and a truly working fix is published, the only reasonable resolution from Intel would be to pull the devices from the stores, provide a full purchase price reimbursement to everyone who is under warranty and desires so and be done with it.

I would be interested to see Intel's position on this...

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Thank you very much for posting Milan.

We understand that you have some questions on regards to the Intel® 320 Series Solid State Drive.

Please note that as per the description of your issue the drive has already failed showing up only as 8MB and therefore it needs to be replaced.

For a warranty replacement, please give us a call back so we can further assist you.

In North America, we can be reached at (916) 377-7000 option # 7 for Solid State Drives.

Hours of Operation: 07:00 to 17:00 (US Pacific Time) Monday-Friday

Telephone numbers for Intel® Support Centers worldwide can be found at:

Chat support can be accessed through the following link:

Best regards!

Community Manager

Hi Victor@Intel or any other Intel rep on this board:

While I appreciate Victor's reply to my post it does not at all address any of my questions and just attempts to sweep it under the table. I was NOT asking for customer support links for warranty replacement. I was asking specific questions regarding Intel's handling of the 8 MB bug, since I find it truly unsatisfactory and would like some clarifications.

Here it goes again - pls. try to stay on topic with each of my questions if you decide to answer:

1. Despite Intel's claims the latest FW did NOT resolve the problem; the dreaded issue still remains and the 320 SSDs out there are still prone to this catastrophic failure that can happen any time (i.e. my case here as a proof...). Warranty replacement is not a solution since it only replaces a product that already failed with a new inherently faulty product that IS going to eventually fail again. Will Intel consider a full purchase price reimbursement to customers that are under under warranty and wish to just return the drive, get their money back and move on?

2. The problem has been known since 2011, the SSD 320 failure reports continue showing up on the Internet even now in 2013 and there has been no word back from Intel. Is Intel still actively investigating the root cause and trying to come with a definite fix for this drive? If so what is the progress/status?

3a. Obviously, there are lots of customers who already lost their data due to this bug, and if Intel does not publish a true fix there will be many more coming. While I understand that ultimately it is customer's responsibility to back up their data, I strongly doubt that retail customers, whom the drive is intended to, are all doing so religiously on an a daily basis. When the almost-inevitable crash happens with 320, most of them are bound to lose at least some portion of the data - such as myself.

3b. Intel has been touting the drive as having "almost" enterprise-class reliability and that was the only and sole reason why I chose and bought this drive. Now, when the buggy 320 drive fails, Intel is turning its back to all customers' requests for assistance with data recovery - although it has the first-hand knowledge of their own product. Currently, the only options are either to accept the the permanent data loss or pay up to several thousands dollars to a third party for a retrieval. Given the circumstances - i.e. Intel knowing about the fatal bug and keeping selling the drive regardless - wouldn't it be fair for Intel to provide a data retrieval service for their faulty product for a reasonable fee, or at least subsidize data retrieval by a third party company? Would you pls. try to provide a straight answer to this question?

Thanks a lot in advance for your reply!


I concur with Milan,

we customers should be worth an answer.




Please bear in mind you were given an answer in the other thread: /thread/42234

The firmware update fixes the 8MB issue that was identified as triggered by a power loss. However, there are several other possible causes for the 8MB state that are different than the power issue fixed by the firmware update.

I am sorry for any inconvenience you may have. In case the drive does not longer work you may contact us for a warranty replacement using the information posted above by Victor.


Oh come on.....

it won't get the truth by repeating it again and again.