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SSD 545s vs SSD 520


Please advise, i have old notebook Thinkpad X200, machine number 74542JU. Few years ago i changed original hard drive for Intel SSD 520 Series Intel® SSD 520 Series (180GB, 2.5in SATA 6Gb/s, 25nm, MLC) Product Specifications , installed W7Ultimate 64 with dual boot Ubuntu 14.04LTS and is working fine.

Now i want to change this SSD for newer and bigger Intel SSD 545s Series Intel® SSD 545s Series (512GB, 2.5in SATA 6Gb/s, 3D2, TLC) Product Specifications . I inted to clone old SSD on new SSD with disc cloning machine https :// , and then on new SSD acquire free space partially to Ubuntu and partially to Windows. On Windows i have installed Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox v3.1.5 , with firmware version 400i and set weekly Intel SSD Optimizer which optimizes Trim functionality. Will the new SSD work with this firmware and this Toolbox after cloning, or i have to download some drivers and firmwares or software before cloning to new SSD? I would like to have both SSDs functional, (old would be a kind of backup if new one fails). Another question, new SSD has active power consumtion 4.5W vs old SSD with active power consumption 0.85W, will the new SSD have big effect on general power consumtion on a notebook, i have a battery of a ca 94Wh? Here is comparing both discs,66249 Intel® Product Specification Comparison . Thanks for help..

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Hi Myreg,



Thank you for posting in the Intel® SSD community.



You can set up your new SSD with that version of the firmware and Intel® SSD Toolbox, however there is a newer version for both. It's always recommended to keep the firmware and tools updated to the latest versions.



The latest version of the Intel® SSD Toolbox is the 3.5.2 and it can be downloaded from the following site:



The latest firmware for the Intel® SSD 545s Series is the 002C. You can update the firmware with the Intel® SSD Toolbox.



Regarding to the cloning part, I recommend you to use the Intel® Data Migration Software. This tool is used to clone the data of an old SSD to a new one. It works for SATA drives only. You can download this tool from the following site: There is an user guide in that site that I recommend you to check before using the tool.



Regarding to your last concern about the power consumption, the Intel® SSD 545s Series, as you pointed out, has a higher power consumption in active mode, therefore it's expected to have a decrease in the time the battery can power up the system. However, it's hard to say how much this change will affect the battery as there are other variables to consider. For example, the power consumption in idle state is considerable lower than the Intel® SSD 520 Series, so this may affect as well the time the battery will be capable of power up the system.



I hope this information answers your inquiries. If there is anything else I can help you with, please feel free to ask.



Have a nice day.





Diego V.