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SSD General Questions - TRIM / AS SSD Errors / Device Manager?

Greetings all,

So far I've had a lot of success getting my SSD to work and update just fine but I had a few questions as to proper configuration please.

1. I have the latest firmaware and v1.2 of the Toolbox which optimizes the SSD. How can I really tell that TRIM is in fact working? I can run the optimizer without issue and it completes successfully. Then again this drive is new and hasn't been in use for say a month without optimization so maybe I should just use it longer and see how it goes?

2. I tried the AS SSD benchmark and received a bad error count while testing. I'm wondering like someone else that posted about this is if I really have the proper drivers installed.

3. People say I should be seeing the proper Microsoft driver for the SSD - yet I don't.

I guess although the drive is working great, some programs and general use is amazingly fast yet other programs don't see any speed boost at all. I'm just curious to see if I actually have something configured wrong. My CrystalDisk performance is in line with where these drives should be.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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If you want t see the driver, which is managing the SATA Controller of your Intel SSD, you have to open the "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" or "Storage Controllers" sections of the Device Manager. Do a right click onto the listed SATA AHCI Controller > "Properties" > "Driver" > "Driver Details".

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Hi Fernando and thanks for the help.

Yep you're right. I guess I screencapped the wrong part of the system.

Now you should be able to see a sample of the drivers for both ATA ports and Intel SATA ports. Both say they're provided by Microsoft though so does that mean they're right or am I missing something?