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SSD Toolbox Secure Erase Feature, Freeze Lock

The Secure Erase feature of the Intel SSD Toolbox requires the SSD to be power cycled when the Security Freeze Lock state is detected. That is not an IF Detected, that is When Detected, as it always is, in my experience. The SSD was not removed from the PC it was formatted in, and is connected to the PC normally. The help documentation suggests performing the removal and insertion of the power cable be done quickly. I have done that over and over again, and I can never get it to work.

I did get one of my G2 80GB SSDs to SE once, but the others don't cooperate. My 520's, no chance of a SE happening, everything is to fast apparently. I have the case open and can easily manipulate the power connectors. I even tried removing and replacing the modular power cable that supplies the SSD I want to SE, but no luck.

The factor of "scanning for a new drive list" makes no sense to me. IMO, that implies a reboot and then reconnection of the SSD. I get a Windows dialog box when I disconnect and reconnect the drive, offering to allow me to browse the files, with the same drive letter it had before the power cycle. I'm not a fumbling fool, there is no way that the SSD is removed from power for even one second.

If you are able to SE your Intel SSDs via the Toolbox, how do you manage it? Does anyone believe as I do, that Intel might want to rethink the SE process in the Toolbox, so that it actually can be accomplished?

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