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SSD in AHCI and Parallel Mode problems

I had to reset my BIOS today and can't remember whether my 160GB SSD drive (model ssdsa2m160g2gc) was in AHCI or Parallel mode. I put it in AHCI mode and it wouldn't boot. So I changed it back to Parallel mode. It still wouldn't boot. So I began doing some research on this and discovered that if I were to change the mode, I'd have to reinstall Windows 7. My fear is that if I should have begun in Parallel mode after resetting the BIOS that I now have no way of booting into the drive without reinstalling Windows 7. If I selected the wrong mode, did it affect the hard drive as it is or should I have been able to boot normally if I made the right selection? BTW, I can boot to the Windows 7 CD and I can select repair the installation and in the Windows Explorer I can see all the files on my hard drive, but the system folder is not recognized by the boot loader. I've tried repairing the installation and that still doesn't work.

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If you have to Re-Install start with sys in AHCI . otherwise you have to do a regedit , ( tricky )