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SSD is the problem?? (on Asus UX31E)

Good day!

I'm a guy from Norway,

So a few months ago i got a new Asus ultrabook ux31e. Loved it...

until the transfer started to be slow.. i ignored it. But after only 3 months it made the simple task of internet browsing painful!!

The performance couldn't have bin caused by my network, so i toy'd to install Intel Rapid storage. No use. Try'd everything. Update bios, download drivers. Install almost all programs again. No use again,

Then when i was about to give up and send it to service. Without copying important files... It stopped working!

This story is short and simple: i closed the lid.

That's it! all i did. And this notebook have this 2 second technology where it starts up instantly. Not this time tho.

I was in shock! It wouldn't start. By luck, it started after an hour of checking obvious causes and i desperately just spamed the power button.


Only a week later. The same thing happens but no luck on the power. So i sent it in later that week to service. This took a week. And they changed the motherboard. I told them it could be the bios or the hard drive. And i added a benchmark-test image capture. Where the results was, ON A INTEL SSD (U100 128gb), was 5-10 mb writing speed! it was a painful test on the time i did it (between the incidents). A test that should take a few seconds to complete, was taking forever.

But as i said, i got it back and working.


A week after i got it back from the service centre, i went to Brazil. Here i was bound to spend 3 months on private maters.

And can you guess what happens next?


It took LESS then a month. And it began to act bizarre with blue-screens and so on. I didn't know what to do. This time i used my ipod and filmed it.

I was certain it was the hard drive this time. Now i had proof; Watch this video of me trying to boot windows.



Again a miracle happens.

After let it run out of battery. The same week. My brother in law came visiting.

When i told it's story; he picked it up and powered it up.

And out of nowhere. You saw the video. It acted like nothing happened and started like normal. And by normal, i mean it turned on and lacked performance of the ssd.


more or less a month after this miracle. The expected happened.

Again i felt the need to look for the last drivers; the ssd's firmware (witch apparently didn't exists) and so on. When i stumbled upon something seem to work better than nothing earlier. Intel's Rapid storage technology. I downloaded the last version and installed it normally.

but as i didn't expect; it wouldn't boot up!

it goes to system recovery. where it can only find clues that there were a driver installed recently. But doesn't seem to be able to fix it.

The problem is that i have a lot of pictures of me staying here in Brazil. And i don't wish to delete them for a complete recovery installation of windows.


Thank you guys for helping me! And tell me why the ssd's performance is so weak!?


Anders Klingsheim

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the u100 is a sandisk ssd, not an intel one. it's a rubbish drive, that's why the performance is so weak.

if you're having stability issues with the irst drivers, uninstall them and go back to standard msahci.

Community Manager

True, true

but as i said. It doesnt start.

Thanks tho

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sounds like there is something wrong with the ssd. push asus to replace the drive.