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SSD suitable for Dell Dimension 9150

I have a Dell Dimension 9150 (2005) running Windows XP. BIOS is Dell Inc A05 dated 30/05/2006. Used to have two 250GB hard drives in RAID formation recognised as one 500GB drive. When one of the drives failed, I disabled RAID in BIOS & now have my data on a new 1TB drive & operating system on the other original 250GB drive. This drive is now failing and I want to replace it. As the PC is quite old, I want to spend as little as possible on it as I'm only likely to keep it for another year or so (when MS support for XP ends).

What I'm wondering is if an Intel Series 330 SSD would be suitable?

One retailer suggested SSDs are not reccomended for use with SSDs due to no TRIM support whereas the Intel site states it has an 'optimiser' for XP/Vista users??

I've read of another user who had problems using an SSD with an 'old' BIOS (not a Dell).

Also read that "Partition alignment is vital with an SSD and XP will botch this" So you need to create a patiton on the SSD & XP wont allow this??

So would this be a good idea - is it a straight 'drop-in' replacement for the existing hard drive (I'd be doing a fresh install of XP/programs I guess) or would a regular hard drive be a better bet & less hassle? I'm happy with replacing hard drives & reinstalling operating system but I'm no tech wizard

Thanks folks.

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