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SSD with new firmware ran into 8MB

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My SSD (320 series 160GB 2.5 inch) ran into the 8MB bug after less than 3 months since purchase. It is factory latest firmware.

I'm going to return it for RMA, and I see the RMA email says exactly the same model is returned (Part No : G17907-603 Product : SSD, 160GB, 2.5" 9.5MM CHANNEL)

so i just want to ask a question before returning:

will the replacement drive being sent to be completely avoid the 8MB bug risk?

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I have a 320 160GB installed in iMac 27" just got this "again". I returned the first one and the 2nd one came with the latest firmware. This one lasted, 3 months. INTEL FIX IT NOW!

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Same here. First one failed in about 3 months, got a replacement, applied firmware update, failure again in one month!! I begged Intel support for a different model and offered to pay any difference. Nope! I am waiting for my replacement but I wouldn't even use this thisng as an external USB drive. I'll throw it up on Ebay and see what I can get for it. Next step, create a video review of the Intel 320 Series SSD for YouTube. My mission is to cost Intel far more than it would have cost them to do the right thing. This is very bad business and I will NEVER wittingly buy another Intel product again. CAN YOU HEAR ME INTEL?? HOW STUPID ARE YOU?? YOU SOLD ME A PIECE OF CRAP THAT YOU CAN'T FIX AND I'M STUCK WITH IT!!

UPDATE: I decided not to take no for an answer and used some crafty measures to get myself way, way, way up the food chain. (Yeah, that high up! But out of respect for the employee there that helped me I won't say how I reached this office or who I spoke with so that she is not inundated with calls, because she was really nice and very helpful) I can say that they did address my concern and sent a 520 Series as a replacement. The representative that I spoke with explained that they do have an escalation process and that if you ask to have your case escalated to a supervisor the support rep is supposed to do so. After the second failure I couldn't get through using the phone support so I used the email support option. After being told that it is their policy to only provide the same item as a replacement (if available, and of course, these are) I did ask the representaive if he can please go ask "the policy exception" person if they would please reconsider their policy of only sending the same model because I know that it is going to fail and that I just frankly will not even use it. I guess that either I wasn't clear enough in my request that a person of higher authority be asked if an exception can be made given my circumstances, or Mark B at the support email queue doesn't get any satisfaction out of helping people. (if that is the case then what a pity that he has the wrong job!) My advice would be to use the phone support line and not email though. Email is impersonal and that makes it too easy for the support person to say no. Don't be disrespectful or sound impatient but instead explain how this affects you personally and how horrible you feel because you really need a working SSD. Explain that this is your second drive, that you did apply the FW update upon installation, and ask if they would please just send a different model. If the answer is no then ask to please let you speak to the supervisor yourself. When and if you get the supervisor let them know that you know that they have made exceptions and to please help you. If you still can't get helped then post here again and I'll reveal how I got through to the office that I got through to, and the additional measure that I took to assure that I would be listened to.Odds are good that they will help you though. I think I just got a dud support person.

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Same fate. Original SSD failed, and returned for a new 160 GB Intel 320 SSD with updated firmware. This one just 8mb bricked on me. Initial symptoms: Computer froze when accessing files, mouse was still working but explorer was not responsive, ctrl-alt-delete did not work, the suddenly the mouse froze as well. Forced to hard reset. System recovered but simple access of files would cause the freeze again. Upon multiple resets (due to computer freeze during the Intel SSD toolbox SSD health diagnostic), the hard drive bricked into 8mb. This is a faulty product. I want a different model if I should have to return this drive. Intel shouldn't keep giving us the same model with the same problem again and again.