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SSD won't boot as main Hard Disk, Help!

So i just purchased an 80gb x25m to upgrade my current system. I have been running windows in IDE with a SATA-connected HDD (WD Caviar black 750gb). I installed a brand new copy of windows into the SSD (via boot disc). Before installing windows i switched my MOBO to AHCI for SATA ports 1-4 and had 5-6 left on IDE. After the install and successful load to the SSD windows i went back into the bios to switch the order of boot for the harddrives so that the SSD booted first instead of cycling through the HDD and then into the SSD. (I also have an older HDD with a few files on it connected via IDE cable that is 3rd in line with no windows files at all). When i attempt this boot, a black screen comes up pre-windows load saying boot error, select appropriate boot device. If i switch the first Harddrive to boot back to the WD it then will proceed to boot the SSD windows (i have completely removed all but media files from the WD 750gb, so all windows and program files have been eliminated except a few non-OS dependent programs and newly installed ones). This would not bother me except i think that it is slowing my boot time down significantly, along with i need to keep the WD in at all times or else it won't boot. My load times from an overnight shutdown takes ~1-2mins at the windows load bar screen, with no programs installed, however if i restart or shut down and power back up very quickly, the OS boots at a much more appropriate speed (about 10-15seconds once through the MOBO/BOOT screens).

Any ideas on how to help? Could this be because of the AHCI/IDE hybrid i have my MOBO set at or the other IDE-connected HD? It seems to be related to the MOBO and the old HD, but i wasn't sure if there is a setting via the SSD that needs to be adjusted so, if i wanted to, my SSD could be my only harddrive in the system. Thanks for all the help!

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when you start press the "esc" key and confirm you are booting to the SSD drive.

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Why Not runall drives in AHCI , There is a Microsoft article online ,on how to switch without having to reinstall OS , But it involves some registry editing.