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Seagate firmware upgrade tool destroys (Intel) SSD

When trying to upgrade the firmware of my ST32000542AS drives from CC34 to CC35, the firmware upgrade tool did first leave the famous "no system disk - press any key" message. After searching for similar cases and possible solutions I found the following really alarming message in a thread concerning the same problem: M20165 M20165

Checking my SSD510 (PPG2) with Intel's SSD Toolbox (v.3.0.2) it (now) also gives an error message:

- with "Quick Diagnostic Scan" the "Read Scan" fails at 80%, though "Data Integrity" does (not yet?) give any error.

- with "Full Diagnostic Scan" the "Read Scan" already fails at 1%, whereas "Data Integrity" check completes again successfully.

Although I did not run the test directly before running the firmware upgrade tool I did run it several days ago and it did not give any error messages.

CrystaldiskInfo (v. does now not even start up anymore and a following Error Scan with HD Tune (v.5.0) revealed defect blocks, which had not been there when I last scanned the drive.

Did the programmers of this firmware upgrade utility just miss out the the possibility of the existence of SSD drives? Or is this a incompatibility between Seagate's utility and especially Intel SSDs?

Hardware: standard mATX Gigabyte board with AMD 785G-Chipset.

p.s. similar message posted in Seagate support forum.

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