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Secure erase

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Is s/e the same as resetting my 520 480 gig to factory


defaults? Also when I try to s/e the boot drive in the toolbox it says that I


can't perform this action on the windows drive. Will formatting the drive from


the win 7 install disk provide the same as s/e? What is the recommended method


of reinstalling win 7, secure erase or just format from the install disk like


an old style HDD?
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Hello gunslinger,

A secure erase or low level format will completely reset the drive to factory defaults.

Please note it is not possible to secure erase or format the drive while it is the boot drive.

Therefore you can use Diskpart within Windows* to clean and reset your solid state drive.

In order to use this tool, you can open up a command prompt window from the Windows* installer CD, allow it to load the files from the disc, and get to the part where it allows you to choose the drives and partitions after the license agreement.

At this part press Shift-F10 this will load a DOS environment.

Type the following and hit enter after every line:

  • Diskpart (it will display information in regards to the tool)
  • list disk (it will show a list of your available disks with a number next to)
  • select disk # (replace the "# " with the number representing the drive you wish to clean)
  • clean all (after this it will stay at a blinking cursor during about 15 minutes for a 80GB drive)