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Serial number doesn't match

I just bought an Intel x25-m 80G retial version 2 days ago. When I installed it, I noticed that the serial number on the retial box is different from the setial number on SSD. The length of serial number on box is 10 (start with 1Q5..., but the length of SN on SSD is 18 (start with CVP...). I used Intel SSD toolbox to check the SN, it matchs the SN on SSD, but not the SN on BOX. Since I purchased the extended warranty on this SSD, and the SN on invoice matchs the SN on box, not the SD on SSD itself. I am a little bit warry about my warranty. I haven't check with the computer store yet.

Any comments?

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Intel considers the Serial Number to be the 18 character string that typically begins with CV and ends with GN.

I have only the OEM packaged version (the brown box). On it, there are several 10 character strings in addition to the 18 character serial number.

Version #

Carton #

Batch #

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Thanks NandFlashGuy.

The 10 character SN number on retail box doesn't match any numbers on the SSD itself. However the 10 character SN matchs the SN on sealing stick of the SSD wraping plastic bag inside the retail box.