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Slow SSD's in raid?

Alright so let me give you the low down on my mutt of a machine. I recently built an amd 8 core system with the new 990fx chipset(i was cheap and im paying for it) I went for this setup because i wanted to build a system for 1000 dollars that could support 4 SSDs in raid 0 and factoring in scaleing achieve 1300-1500mbs. got the system up and running last night, all drivers updated HAVE NOT UPDATED MOST CURRENT FIRMWARE...

results: 1063mb/s

although i dont expect everyone/anyone to be an AMD guru here, does it sound right to have 4 ssd's in raid 0 only hitting 1063mb/s... is there somthing im missing to support full raid speeds? is AMD to blame? any help would be great thanks

ssd: (4x) intel 330 maple crest 64gb sata3

Thanks! - DjohnsonFTW

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Community Manager

The current and only version of firmware for the 330 SSD is 300i, so no update exists.

What are you using as a benchmark/test program? Results vary depending on the test software.

The AMD SATA III chipsets do not perform quite at the level that Intel SATA III chipsets do. It also seems the AMD RAID setup and settings are somewhat complex and require more adjustment than Intel RAID. I suggest checking the AMD forums, which you probably have done already.

It usually helps to have your SSDs connected to the first four (in your case) SATA ports, but I believe I read that moving the connections can cause problems with AMD RAID, check that before doing so.

Are you using the latest AMD RAID driver and RAIDXpert software?