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Slow post with RAID0


I'm seeing a problem during boot-up on my Sony Z which has 4 x 128GB SSD drives in RAID 0 via the Intel option ROM..

The machine appears to take longer to complete the POST process than it should. In the following video, you can see that after the Intel Option ROM display, there is an extended time where the cursor blinks. While this happens, the HDD indicator light stays lit. YouTube - Sony Z VPCZ11FHX/XQ - Slow POST

Unfortunately, I didn't shoot any video of this specific machine before this issue began but I did shoot one on an "eval" VPCZ112GX/S I had previously. YouTube - Sony Z post time with RAID shown and hidden.

This behavior started after I recreated the RAID volume.

Does anybody have and idea why this is happening?

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Hello, it is hard to say if your Solid State Drive is cause of this slow boot using raid.

I suggest you to install the latest version of your BIOS and latest RAID controller.

If the issue persists I recommend you to contact the system manufacturer to see if they have any suggestion about this issue.

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