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Startup time delay (intel x25-V in hp Tx2500)


I own an hp tx2500 tablet pc that I recently outfitted with a 40gb X25-V hard drive. Whenever I start the computer from a cold start (not a restart), I get this really weird lag after the POST screen. It takes about 30 seconds before the windows "lights" form the logo and my computer starts. I know this could be due to incompatibilities between AMD and Intel, but I wanted to know if there was anyway to troubleshoot this.

Thank you for your time!

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Community Manager

Check for bios update. Several SSDs exhibited this behavior with early firmware.

I do not believe the AMD-Intel mix will be an issue. SSDs are made to look and behave like hard disks for any OS. Sometimes the delay may go away if IDE mode is used, but you still need the latest firmware for best results.