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Suggestions for SSD and two extra HDD's?

I'm wanting optimal speed and looking for suggestions on Harddrive configurations with intel SSD.

- I have a SSD X-25 160GB loading the operating system (win7-64 bit professional).

- I also have two harddrives for data. They are a 1) 2-T SATA, and a 2) 1-T SATA.

[(I wish SSD's were 2-T's, but that day is a year(s) away).]

Mother board is an Asus Crossfire IV Formula.

Data on the HDD's is very important.Backups are done at least once a week on the important changes externally to a USB drive. Is there a configuration that will secure the data while using the intel SSD with the two HDD's?

I ask because I don't think the SSD really needs a RAID 0 configuration (already fast writing to it). But maybe there is another setup I'm not thinking about.

Please excuse my new-ness and termanology being off.



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Community Manager

I assume "1-T" means "1TB"?

Your current setup is SSD, 1TB HDD, and 2TB HDD.... all of which are incremental backup weekly? Or is only some of the drives are backed up?

The only thing that could be done is JBOD, RAID0, or RAID1 with your HDDs.

JBOD (3TB usable) allows for one logical partition.... and provides no other benefits for your needs.

RAID0 (2TB usable) would nearly double the sequential performance but at the increase risk of failure.

RAID1 (1TB usable) provides redundency in case one disk fails.

Community Manager


Yes, the 1-T is 1 TB.

Just the raw data files are backed weekly, unless I do something major, in that case I backup shortly after.

On your three options (JBOD, RAID0, RAID1), since most of the operations are being done from the SSD, will I notice that big of difference with RAID0 ? or as that goes any of the options? (I've installed most of the programs to the SSD, and the data files to the HDD's.)

Thanks for your answer. I'll dig further and read more on RAID options. It's looks like I might use RAID0 just for the speed and continue backing up to a external source.

Community Manager

Well... what type of data are you storing on the HDDs? Media files? If so, I wouldn't use RAID0 due to the increase risk with little benefit. Streaming a high-quality HD video needs less than 10MB/s and most recent HDDs can do at least 60MB/s sequential at their worst.