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The driver detected a controller error on \ Device \ HardDisk0 \ DR0.





Firmware: 2CV102HD

Install win 7 pro 64 bit on a intel x25-m SSD on asus p5e3 motherboard BIOS:1503


install Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility V9.1.1.1019


intel matrix storage controller v. (from asus site)


install Marvell 6121 SATA Driver V1.2.0.69 for 32/64bit Windows7.(from asus site)


when i try to install from DVD drive or try to copy from other HD (intern or usb) the PC freezes periodically


and in Event Viewer under system I see a dozen errors :


The driver detected a controller error on \ Device \ HardDisk0 \ DR0.


(sorry it is danish)


Lognavn: System


Kilde: Disk


Dato: 31-01-2010 16:44:40


Hændelses-id: 11




Niveau: Fejl


Nøgleord: Klassisk


Bruger: I/T


Computer: seje-Pc




Driveren detekterede en controllerfejl på \Device\Harddisk0\DR0.





























and when i start intel matrix storage controller i can see that my SDD i now only generation 1.


after reboot it is back to normal (gen2) and working fine.


copy between partitions on the SSD givs no problem.


if i start win 7 pro 64 bit on my seagate HD (the other HD) it works fine copy or install to the SSD works fine...


any suggestions on what is wrong?
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Community Manager

NO real pc wizards here... Fernando.. maybe

hmm here are some more:

Install win 7 pro 64 bit on a intel x25-m 80gb gen2 SSD(Firmware: 2CV102HD)


on my asus p5e3 motherboard(bios 1503)


with intel_msm_8.9.4.1004-full( drivers


(the 64bit loaded under the installation) install INF Update Utility Ver:


then msm_8.9.4.1004 and its working fine.


install a couple of games and its runing nice ( 264Mb/s read in crystaldiskmark2.2) then...

I plug in my net cable and Windows prompt me to select the type of Networkonce i select Home Network, (Windows 7 will start applying the necessary settings for my new network) i register windows 7 no problem but after ca 10 min...


i got a dozen errors in Event Viewer under system:


The driver detected a controller error on \ Device \ HardDisk0 \ DR0.


and the PC freezes periodically....(with every "freeze" a new error) dont have to do any thing on it...


In Matrix Storage Manager im back to generation 1...


still same drivers under my controller ( and now 84 Mb/s read in crystaldiskmark2.2)


after reboot im back to generation 2 in Matrix Storage Manager,but just for 10 min or so then same problem....


any idea what wrong?


thanks in advance
Community Manager

I had the same error. I think it is due to a chipset bug or bad drivers. Let me explain:

I have Windows 7 64 bits on ASUS P5B-VM motherboard that has ICH8 with 4 SATA ports and one JMicron JMB363 controller with 2 SATA ports.


I had X25-M G2 80GB connected to SATA1 and Seagate ST3500418AS connected to SATA2 (both on ICH8) all with Microsoft drivers. This worked without any problem for a month.

Then, one day I connected another Seagate ST3500320AS to SATA3 (next free port of ICH8) and I started to get freezes and "controller error on \ Device \ HardDisk0 \ DR0".

Only solution that worked for me: I removed Seagate ST3500320AS from port of ICH8 and connected it to JMicron JMB363 controller.

No one single error from that day!


Community Manager

Made a clean install with the drivers from Here


same problem BUT!!!

found that is is when ill disable my netcard the problems starts.....

dont no why but win 7 dont like that.....

does anyone know how to go around this?

cos i only want to have this as a gambling pc with no antivirus and all of this (lack of preformence :-) )

in regards