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Unable to exclude a partition migrating drive to SSD?


Attempting to install a new 320 series 300GB SDD drive. My original drive has 2 partitions: the "normal" primary C and a "recovery" D partition.

When I fire up the Data Migration software, I get a choice to to copy both partitions to the SSD drive, with "as is", "proportional" or "manual" allocation on the destination.

I get no choice of cloning just the one (primary C) pattition, at least I have found no such way. Attempts to resize the target "recovery" D partition to 0 did not work. And I do not not need a "recovery" partition on the new drive because my old HDD will stay in the box as secondary drive anyway.

But what's more important, once I clone the drive (with two partitions) swap the drives, successfully reboot and run the Intel SSD Toolbox program (because I want to setup the "optimization utility", I am on Vista), I am unable to do so: the drive selection list contains 4 items (2 partitions for each drive, my old HDD and the new SSD) and I am unable to select anything in it. A click on any item in that list just refreshes it and none of the tool button selection get enabled.

Help, please!


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