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Warranty refunds

Hello everybody

I just recently purchased a retail box 520 Series SSD, 2 months ago, I was fairly happy with it, until today. The behaviour of this SSD for the past 2 weeks have been very strange. Upon boot up, my system does not detect the SSD , my system was giving me the standard message, DISK BOOT ERROR. Initially, all I did was just power off my system and the problem went away; at least for that week. Today I had the same problem, I have used other SSD brands before and I am willing to trust my inituition that this drive is about to go bad. Ironically, I also have a 320 series drive in my system that has been working very well since day 1.

My question to Intel is this, "Would it be possible for a refund with Intel? The warranty section states the following

If the Product, which is the subject of this Limited


Warranty, fails to conform to the above warranty during the warranty period, Intel, at its option, will:

REPAIR the Product by means of hardware and/or software; OR


REPLACE the Product with another product; OR, if Intel is unable to repair or replace the Product,


REFUND the then-current value of the Product at the time a claim for warranty service is made to Intel under this Limited Warranty

As I understand, this drive is using the Sandforce controller, which was notorious for its high rate of failure back then, as much I applaud Intel for its strict quality control and fixing the bugs that are plaguing the Sandforce controller, I would rather be issued a refund than to be stuck with a lemon. Regardless I will be contacting Intel tommorow.

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