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Where is the firmware update tool AND x-25m g2 hang/freeze

Firstly where is the firmware update tool? Its almost the end of the month.

Secondly i'm running a new system with Win 7 32 bit and an X-25m g2 as the boot up drive. Like many others I would like to know why I am having hangs/freezes of about 5 seconds regularly. Looking at these forums it appears the ssd is at fault. Can some from Intel address these issues please?

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Community Manager

I also have 2 freshly installed Win 7 32 bit with x-25M G2 configurations (Intel DP55WB Mobo) and get periodic freezing of the mouse pointer that lasts a few seconds. I have been hesitant to blame the SSD because I am able to rectify the problem by switching the mouse to a different USB port. I have been able to identify which ports will cause mouse freezing and which will not. This problem began immediately after installing Win 7 on these new machines. Subsequently updating all the drivers and windows updates has had no effect. The freezing is agravated by using the scroll wheel on the mouse. Technically I can't come up with any explanation for how this could be related to the SSD but I mention it because the symptoms sound similar to what many hear complain of.