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Win xp and intel 520 180GB ssd in IDE mode .. how to transit to ACHI mode?


Is there a document on howto transit from using IDE driver on ssd to using ACHI drive?

(or can someone tell me?)


Windows XP proffesional 32bit (installed with SP0, patched to SP3)

No floppydrive at present.. installing one (and installing windows again would be last measure)

Disk is now partioned to two parts. 35GB (for windows) and 131GB for programs (best way I could figure out. Installation saw only 130GB of disk with SP0) . I do not know if this makes a difference.

I am looking to gain bit more performance out of my system (use ACHI instead of IDE) - preferrebly without re-install.

What steps do I need to take?

I have heard (on general terms) that drivers can be 'slipped' into an installation disk.

Details on this? Can same be done on SP:s? (should re-install be required..)

Thank you for taking time to read and write pointers!

Cheers matesi

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