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Win7 X-25M 80GB Plus Raid1 Config

I recently reconfigured my system prior to doing a clean install of Win7 64. I'm using a single Intel x-25M 80GB drive as the system drive and two 500GB drives in a RAID1 configuration as a data volume. The RAID1 volume was configured using the Intel Option ROM in the motherboard BIOS. The Intel SSD is shown in the option ROM as a non-member RAID disk. Win7 installed successfully. After the Win7 installation I downloaded/installed the Intel chipset configuration utility appropriate for my chipset. After that I downloaded/installed the Intel RST software ( Everything seems to be working fine.

Here are my questions:

1) Windows device manager under disk drives shows that the driver for the SSD is Microsoft Driver 6.1.7600.16385. It shows the same Microsoft driver for the RAID1 volume. Under Storage Controllers the driver for the Intel RAID controller is I was expecting to see an Intel driver for the drives as well - did I not install something I should have?

2) When running the Intel SSD Toolbox the utility reports that the Superfetch is enabled and further states that "Dual-drive system with superfetch enabled. It is recommended to disable superfetch when using an Intel SSD. See the user guide for recommended configurations for dual-drive systems." (See below) I think the SSD toolbox believes that I'm running the SSD as a member disk of the RAID. Should I disable superfetch? What is the recommended configuration in my situation?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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1) the way you see it is correct. the driver is for the controller, not the drives themselves.

2) you will get different opinions on whether or not to disable superfetch. personally, i leave it enabled.