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Windows 7 and Mini 10 with X25-V

There are two of us having this same issue that I know of so far.

The computer sees the drive fine, I can do a full Windows XP install and it works great, the other person says he can do a Vista install just fine, however, any time you try to install Windows 7 there is a problem.

First, if you try to install fresh the install will see the drive, but when you go to partition the drive the computer sits there working and after about 1-2 minutes the drive dissapears and I get this error "No drives were found. Click Load Driver to provide a mass storage device for installation".

Second, if you try to partion the drive first you get an error when it comes to expanding windows files in the installer. Error is "Windows cannot install required files. The file does not exist. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070002".

Third, if you try to upgrade from XP it will copy all files but when the computer reboots it sits at the loading screen until the computer bluescreens giving "System has been shutdown to prevent a operation that can harm the computer, if this is the first time you see it restart. If not unplug recently installed drivers or hardware". It will do this over and over again but booting back into XP works fine still.

Forth, a successful install of Windows 7 is cloned to the SSD the computer will sit at the loading windows screen until the machine reboots and the drive is missing until a hard shutdown and restart. It should be noted that the drive is missing in every case you can do a soft reboot until a hard reboot is performed.

Another oddity, in Windows XP SSD Optimizer will not run because it says the drive is in a RAID and cannot be optimized in RAID. This is a Dell Mini 10... no RAID.

This all happens under the 02HD firmware. Didn't try without the update but I don't think the other person did the FW update and he is having the same issues.

Thanks in advance!


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Community Manager

I have the same issue and I have updated the Dell Mini 1010 with the latest (A11) BIOS updates. It's an endless loop regardless of drive formatting/partition options (pre-configure partitions, refomatting the drive, deleting partitions. etc.) - This hard-drive will be returned to Newegg as an RMA if I can't use it for my Dell Mini (the whole purpose as to WHY I purchased this drive)

New Contributor II

Same thing here, but I figured out a workaround for the installation issue: