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Windows 7 freezes randomly with Intel SSD 510 120GB

I have now used my Intel SSD 510 120GB for about 2 years and it has had the same problem since the beginning. Suddenly my windows freeze. Nothing works, not mouse/keyboard or anything. I have to reset the system. Sometimes it happens when I'm using a software like words or excel, or surfing the web or just listening to music. Sometimes I leave the computer on and when I´m coming back after e.a 10 min the system is locked (frozen) and I have to re-start the computer. Sometimes I can use the computer for a whole day with out this problem occurs but sometimes it happens 2 times per hour. I have search the web for answers but all I find is people with similar problem but no solution. Everything looks ok in the "Solid-State Drive Toolbox, and Im using firmware version PPG2. Is there any solution for this issue?

Windows 7 professional 64 bit

Intel core i7-2600K CPU 3.40GHz

Ram 8Gb

MB Msi P67A-GD65

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Community Manager

Hello Jlison thank you for your post, on this case I suggest you to perform a full diagnostic in your Solid State Drive and confirm that the unit is working properly.

Community Manager

Thank you for your reply. I have already done that, and it says that the drive is working all fine.


Thank you for your post. Have your tried replacing the SATA and power cables? Avoid the use of power cable converters in case you have one of those. Some power supplies already have a native SATA power connection. If possible, you may update the motherboard BIOS and SATA controller driver.

You may also test the drive in a different computer or perform a Secure Erase and reinstall the operating system. Keep in mind the cause of the issue may come from a different component unless the same happens when the drive is connected to a different system.

I hope the suggestions help.