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Windows Experience Index Dropped overnight?

Hey Guys I just got a new SSD after RMA'ing the old drive to intel (worked for 4 months). There was no issues with the drive and I recalled getting a 7.3 with IDE mode and when I get my new SSD I threw AHCI on and got a 7.7 . Now the next day I didint touch any of my settings and all of a sudden it cant score higher then a 7.6 and suggestions I can do to optimize it back to a 7.7? Why did it drop a .1? I obviously used the Intel SSD to optimize it tune it and run a full system scan and everything works great. I figured I lost that .1 performance index because I installed a game that took up alot of space and I was left with 25 gigs's I figured I uninstall it and get my 7.7 again I guess I was wrong. It only takes perfomance into the equation not size too so why the hell did I lose my .1? lol Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Here's what you got to understand about SSD wear levelling and TRIM.

An SSD WILL try to wear level the SSD evenly even if their is free space or you run TRIM to free the free space that the SDD could write to but it will not because this would cause part of the SSD to wear out faster then other parts so the SSD has to move data around to maximize the SSD life.

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The performance of an SSD (and HDD for that matter) is variable depending on a wide range of factors. I would not worry at all about the drop you mention, but if you want to look into it you can run the tool that generates the WEI score from an elevated command prompt by typing in:

C:\Users\user name>winsat disk

This is what winsat will generate:

> Disk Sequential 64.0 Read 263.5 MB/s 7.6

> Disk Random 16.0 Read 236.21 MB/s 7.9

> Responsiveness: Average IO Rate 1.17 MB/s 7.8

> Responsiveness: Grouped IOs 10.75 ms/IO 7

> Responsiveness: Long IOs 2.76 units 7.9

> Responsiveness: Overall 29.71 units 7.5

> Responsiveness: PenaltyFactor 0.0

> Disk Sequential 64.0 Write<span style="mso-s...

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Hardware upgrades other than SSD? Experience Index is a general pointer tool, and nothing more. My WIndows Experience average jumped from 6.6 to 7.8 and my cable connect dropped from 34 MBPS to 173 KBPS. Intel 510 120 GB on a Z68 with a 2500K, 2 0f DDR5 and 16 of DDR3. The index holds steady. Hardware and registry settings all optimal. Browser while slow is also optimal in terms of coaxing significant intelligence out of Google.

Launching Norton 360 Downloader.exe was the wipeout point. Windows clean install resets everything to expected performance. However, for another 90 days of subscription I'll sit on this one while the Norton Team work it over: actually, ISP and Symantec and Microsoft have all taken a look. Also two tech teams, so call it our little hex approach (minus the 2600K, thank goodness - one can only imagine). Guess I should give Intel a call.

Intel 510 series are an excellent OS container. Would like to shoulder in another active data drive, but new tech sensitivity says give everyone time. My issue is more significant than yours. Still, you are right to consider hardware conflicts and compatibility development for drivers and software. It is as easy to smoke an OS as it is to torch the plastic. Wonder what would happen with Hex'd 68 on 32 Gigs with that 6990 4x5 done sli ... explosive?

"... something new is going to come ... it works I believe like a computer machine" -- the electronic kick. Ouch. Sometimes it is better just to contemplate, rather than rush in and contemplate. That must be Mother's wisdom.