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Windows Index Score went from 7.1 to 5.9 ??

I have an Intel 320 40gb set as a boot drive. When I first ran the index less than a month ago it gave me a Hard drive score of 7.1. Acceptable. The other day I was playing around and just happened to notice that the index detected new hardware and needed to reassess. Now my drive score is at 5.9. I didn't add any new hardware. How can that srop so much? I checked and I have the latest firmware. Any suggestions would be helpful as I can still return the product until july 2. Thanks in advance

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New Contributor II

Please note that if you have questions regarding the Windows Experience Index I suggest you to contact the operating system manufacturer since this is part of the (Os), a general recommendation could be to update your bios, SATA drivers and update the firmware of your Solid state drive if needed.

New Contributor II

Microsoft artificially caps the Windows Experience Index hard disk subscore to 5.9 for all mechanical (rotating) hard disks. Only SSDs can score higher than 5.9. A score of 5.9 suggests that WEI may be confused about the identity of the SSD in the system. Does the system have both an SSD and a hard disk attached?