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Would I be able to Secure Erase an internal SSD by hooking it up externally to my laptop?

I do not have a desktop and I have an internal SSD by Intel (510) that needs to be secure erased. I was going to use Intel's SSD Tool Box to do so and was wondering if this wouldwork. Also, if it would, what would be the best type of connection to have going to my laptop from the external encloure? USB?

thanks guys


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Community Manager

You should be able to do the secure erase using a usb-to-sata connection, but probably not with Intel SSD Toolbox. I don't know this for sure, but my experience tells me that the Toolbox won't see the drive on a usb-to-sata connection. The "read this first" info on this board says that the SSD drives have not been validated on usb-to-sata connections, and the migration software doesn't recognize drives on those connections. But Win 7 should recognize the drive (it worked for me on my laptop) and you could use some other secure erase application.