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X25 G2 80 Gig -- Freeze up issues

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I have an x-25g2 80 gig on my dell studio xps 9000 with 12 gigs of OCZ ram and an nvidia gforce gt 220.

I have random lockups where mouse stops responding completely (forcing a reboot) and also random instant REBOOTS where all of a sudden its in the boot up screen. I'm not getting blue screens however.

So the power supplies are notoriously small on these boxes, so i thought that might be the issue -- so i have replaced it with an awesome power supply, and the issue still remains. I have ran the RAM tests built in to windows 7 and it returns no errors.

So, I just replaced the SSD with a 160 gig, restored my windows install to it and just got a freeze up (mouse stopped moving).

At this point i am unclear if it could still be the SSD and maybe the latest intel storage matrix drivers? I was getting ready to try to intel RST drivers. Any advice or thoughts on this are appreciated. Could this issue be transferred from one disk to another (i did restore an image)?

There are no errors to speak of in the event viewer. Only thing left is motherboard, bios, ram... anything else i should test / check?

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In my experience, bad RAM resulted in blue screens. Still, you could probably split your RAM in half, and make sure each half is good. In my case, I had a "cold boot" RAM problem, so RAM tests only failed as long as I didn't power off the machine for a short time. It had to be off for 4+ hours to fail again.

The other thing you should try is a different video card, if you can get your hands on one. Otherwise try different drivers. I think the latest nVidia drivers also had a suspected fan control issue, so you could make sure you're using older drivers, although your problem may precede these drivers.

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I've been having locks ups/ bsod for some time now. I've thought I'd fixed it a number of times, but now I'm hoping I have finally found the problem.

Asus board (Ramp Extreme) BIOS Power menu. ACPI 2.0 - Set to Disabled. ACPI APIC - Set to Enabled.

ACPI has something to do with interrupt requests, power settings and hardware discovery afaik. Since changing those settings I've not had any problems, although really I need another week to know for sure due to the random nature of the lock ups.

NandFlashGuy mentioned something about conflicts with power saving settings in the BIOS conflicting with OS power saving settings in another post so the above may be making sense. Maybe you don't have the exact settings I mention above but maybe there is an equivalent.

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RST drivers did not help -- unless there could be something that is legacy from the original build / image that still is causing issues.

If it is related the the Drive Format or Drivers... am i looking at a low level format to fix this?

Honestly i have read sooo many posts on this topic and am absolutely exhausted with it. Next tests:

1. video card replacement

2. low level format and reinstall

3. motherboard replacement

Any thoughts are appreciated.