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X25-M G2 160GB stutters in SQL Server?

Hello everybody.

I want to purchase this SSD for SQL Server, but I read on newegg a comment that says that it stutters under SQL Server:

On a large SQL Server load to rebuild an in-memory object cache, it stutters very badly. It will be very fast and then periodically stutter with 20x slower reads. The stutter is bad enough to make the load process slower than a 15K RPM SAS drive. I can't recommend it for enterprise use. The OCZ drive does not stutter and is 2-4x faster than the 15K RPM SAS drive on the database read task. I had this checked on 2 different Intel 160GB G2 SSD's. Same kind of stutter on both and I don't really want to try the latest Intel firmware updates because they seem to be having problems putting out a good update.

Is this true? Does somebody done some extensive testing with this SSD under SQL Server? Because I googled it all day and I didn't found anything about it.


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Community Manager

That review was made before the Vertex 2 came out so the author is referring to the Vertex 1 with the Indilinx controller. He must be getting confused somewhere along the line if he thinks that the Vertex 1 performance is better than the X25-M. Steady state performance differences between the Vertex 2 and X25-M is variable depending on the particular workload, but the differences are not hugely significant, excluding sequential write speed.

The X25-M is however not really an enterprise class drive, even though it can provide enterprise performance. Depending on how heavy your work load is you might be better looking at something like the X25-E.