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X25-M MacBook Pro newbie questions

I just bought a 160 GB SATA2 Gen2 SSD and installed it in my MacBook Pro. Everything is working fine at the moment, but I'm concerned about six months from now. First, I noted the absence of the SSD Toolbox for Mac OS X. Searching for alternatives, I found and its "recondition" command. This tells me I need to erase and re-copy the entire drive every six months. Is this true? If there were a Mac version of the SSD Toolbox would this still be necessary?

Also, what it TRIM and why is it a problem that it's not supported on Mac?



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Hello, unfortunately we do not have any toolbox version for MAC operating system, the Intel® Solid State Drive toolbox will only be supported with Windows* operating systems.

Trim support is available from the operating system I suggest you to contact Mac and request information about trim support in the Mac operating system. If Apple does not support trim command yet you can back up your information, perform a low level format to the Solid State Drive and then reload your information to the Solid State Drive.

I suggest you to ask Apple how to perform a low level format on their operating system.

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I too have just bought an Intel X25-M (G2) 160Gb for my MacBook Pro and the SSD has really brought new life to my mac. The disc was restored from a time capsule backup, so I'm very pleased with it so far.

However, I get really concerned by the fact that Intel doesn't seem to be too interested in providing the necessary tools (=toolbox), or some other utility to help out the TRIM feature that apparently isn't enabled/supported on the Mac OSX 10.6.4 version.

Is there any information available to shed som light on this matter for us Mac OSX users?

Your hardware do work on mac's and therefore I would also expect support to include mac solutions, or at least information concerning howto's etc.

Also, I would appreciate if you could change the wording (OS Independent) on your pages because what you really are implying, is that it supports any Windows OS version, right?