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X25-M cannot be recognized externally

I have an X25-M in 1.8" form factor that came in my Lenovo W510. I'm trying to attach that drive to another machine externally using a USB data puller (I also tried an external drive case.) While I can see the X25 in Disk Management it says that it is not initialized and when I try to initialize it it says "the device is not ready" and fails. I have tried this on several different systems with the same result. I have a full sized X25-M and it does not behave this way, it is recognized instantly when connected via SATA/USB. I'm using the adapter that came with the 1.8" X25-M so that I can hook my normal sized SATA cord and power adapter to it.

Is there any reason this is not working? Why would the smaller form factor drives not be viewable externally? I installed the Toolbox and Control Center software but that didn't help. The drive has the latest firmware on it. Can anyone help?

Drive was tested on the following operatins systems with both a data puller and an external hard drive case:

Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows 7 Enterprise x64

Windows 7 Enterprise x86

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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Community Manager

Can you please describe the *exact* cabling setup you have betewen the X25-M SSD and your Lenovo W510 laptop, and all physical devices used (e.g. cables, AC adapters, whatever), as well as what port you've plugged things into? It matters greatly.

I don't know what a "USB data puller" is, but both the 2.5" and 1.8" X25-M drives are pure SATA -- they require not only the SATA data cable attached to a mainboard (there's absolutely no guarantee a SATA-to-USB adapter will work with any drive, not just SSDs), but likewise proper power. Here's the difference power-wise between the 2.5" and 1.8" models: the 2.5" requires a 5V power rail, while the 1.8" model requires a 3.3V power rail. This is defined per the product specification. Furthermore, the 1.8" model uses the SATA 2.6-spec-standard " Micro_connector micro connector" for power, which is different than it's 2.5" counterpart. The 1.8" model does not use the 5V pin/capability, and this is described in the product specification (see table 14). You can see where I'm going with this -- how exactly is your 1.8" X25-M drive being powered? Are there any adapters being used? Are you sure they provide 3.3V power? USB, for example, doesn't provide 3.3V; it provides 5V only, so if you're using an enclosure, it may not be providing the correct voltage.

Is there some reason you can't install the 1.8" X25-M in the main hard disk bay inside of the W510 itself? You may have to invest in what's called a "storage converter" as shown in the Lenovo W510 Hardware Maintenance Manual (see table 16 on page 92). Lenovo doesn't appear to disclose the actual size of the disks it uses, but I imagine they're 2.5" (most common for laptops) not 1.8", the "storage converter" may solve that issue.

Finally, given that you've confirmed the 1.8" X25-M drive works fine on other machines -- just not your Lenovo W510 -- that indicates the drive is working fine (so I'm not sure how the Intel forum can help you). I would strongly suggest you open up a support ticket with Lenovo. They will almost certainly be able to tell you exactly what you need to get your device working on their W510. I hope I've given you some ideas though.