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X25-M not detected by bios of Compaq V3009tu

Hello there,

I purchased X25-M G1 recently, and want to use it in my somewhat old laptop Compaq V3009tu, which is powered by Intel 945GM chipset with ICH7M south bridge, whose bios version is the latest, F.39, released by HP in July of 2007.

With X25-M installed, the laptop couldn't boot, prompting just a flashing dash. I entered the BIOS, only to find under the Hard Driver diagnose, there is no hard drive found. Interesting thing is after I entered BIOS once, the laptop could boot with this X25-M, installed OS, and everything is just fine.

Later after many attemps, e.g. changing the boot order of devices, disabling the native SATA support, I found out that this laotop will only boot with X25-M if you entered BIOS once or press CRTL+ALT+DELETE when the flashing dash prompts. There is no need to change settings in BIOS though. Simply powering on the laptop will definitely end in the flashing dash.

However, if I managed to get the system recognize the SSD, everything will be fine in OS. Also restarting the computer is not affected. I can restart as freely as I like without worryting about booting. Only powering on the computer will run into trouble.

I tried this drive in my desktop and it booted fine, and this laptop always boot well with an Hitachi Traverlstart 7K320.

Could anyone help explain the things here?

Thanks in advance!

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An update: I now found that if I set the main hard drive as the first boot device, then pressing crtl alt del when flashing dash appears will guide the system to recognize the drive's existence, but if the main hard drive is not the first boot, nothing would work to make the boot continue. There will be endless flashing dash.