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X25M-G2-80GB firmvare update + Win7 x64 install freeze


Ive been looking trough the forum and found that people have had problems when installing windows 7 64bit on a SSD drive with updated firmware, but didtn find anyone with this exact problem.

I just got a new Intel X25M G2 80GB wich i updated the firmware on, to 02HD. It was set to IDE in bios during firmware-update, and is still on IDE.

The windows 7 x64 setup starts normally and restarts when its supposed to (after unpacking, installing and finalizing) then, when it starts up again i get the loading screen (windows logo fading in). After this, the screen just get black and freezes there. So i cant get into windows.

Tried to install windows XP 32bit, and it worked perfect. So im assuming win7 64bit messes something up. Do anybody have the same problems and maybe some answers to this problem? Thanks!

System info:

Windows 7 x64 Professional

MSI P55CD53 Motherboard

Intel I5 750 CPU

4GB DDR3 1600 RAM

1xSSD X25M-G2 (02HD firmware)

IDE in bios, and no raid

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Hello, I would like to let you know that so far at the lab and with that Solid State Drive we test Windows* 7 and it works just fine using the 64 bit version, I will suggest to perform a secure erase and try to install the operating system, if that does not work you can add the Solid State Drive in a working operating system and format or initialize the Solid State Drive and then try to install Windows* 7 64 bit operating system.