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X25m 80G2C1 Speed max out at 122.8MB!


I just bought and installed the above, ran HD Tune and found out the follows:

Transfer rate:

Min: 111.2 mb/sec

Max: 122.8 mb/sec

Ave: 119.9 mbsec

Acess time: 0.1ms

Burst rate: 71.7 mb/sec

CPU Usage: 94.6%

This is way too low for the drive, isn't it? What can I do to get the advertised speed? Please help.

System Information obtained from Intel(R) Matrix Storage Console

Kit Installed:

Kit Install History:

Shell Version:

OS Name: Microsoft Windows XP Professional

OS Version: 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600

System Name: PORTEGER500

System Manufacturer: TOSHIBA

System Model: Portable PC

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU U7600 @ 1.20GHz

BIOS Version/Date: TOSHIBA Version 1.60, 03/04/2008

Language: ENU

Serial ATA Information

Intel Serial ATA Controller: Intel(R) 82801GBM SATA AHCI Controller

Number of Serial ATA ports: 1

Driver Version:

Serial ATA Plug-In Version:

Language Resource Version of the Serial ATA Plug-In:

ISDI Library Version:

Hard Drive 0

Status: Normal

Device Port: 0

Device Port Location: Internal

Current Serial ATA Transfer Mode: Generation 1


Serial Number: CVPO9355009N080BGN

Firmware: 2CV102G9

Native Command Queuing Support: Yes

Size: 74.5 GB

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You are using a 1st Generation SATA-150 controller. X25-M will only reach higher transfer rates, if you plug it to a SATA-300 Controller (2nd generation). On such a controller, transfer rates will reach like 250MB/sec maximum for a single port. So it's a hardware limitation of your platform. Since you are using a notebook there's not much you can do unfortunately. What you won't lose though is the high random write/read performance of the drive, so it may still perform pretty well on your 1st gen SATA controller. Just for sequential reads you'll not get the optimum on that notebook.

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Its nothing wrong.

Your chipset, ICH-7M (82801GBM), does not support 3Gb/s.

Intel Serial ATA Controller: Intel(R) 82801GBM SATA AHCI Controller

It is clearly shown in following part.

Current Serial ATA Transfer Mode: Generation 1

See the help of Matrix Storage Console for the meaning of "Generation 1."

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A big thank-you to both GrandAdmiralThrawn and emoacht for your detailed explanations! So, I just need to use a new notebook! That gives me a good justification to persuade my wife. Haha. Thank you guys so much!