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can't clone/image X25-M 2nd gen -- Any ideas?

I have tried every thing I can think of to clone my existing hard drive to my ne 160G second gen X25. I'm using True Image 2010 and my sysstem is a Lenovo X200 laptop. I have tried:

1. Restore the Image of my exisitng drive. Standard and Sector by Sector

2. Cloning the drive with the SDD in the Laptop and the source drive in a Thermal Take BlacX Duet Sata II docking station

3. Cloning the drive with the SDD in Sata Dock and the source deive in the Laptop.

4. Cloning with both drives in the Sata Dock.

When I restart the laptop the BIOS will post and then I get "Press F11 to enter the recovery environment" and then a flasing cursor. Here's is what I have done as part of trouble shooting;

1. I can do a clean install on the SSD and the computer will boot fine. (seems that the drive is ok then)

2. I can use the exact same procedures I described above to image/clone a new non-SDD disk drive. This works perfectly for all options I described above. (seems by software and techniques are correct and that permisions are set correctly on the X200

3. I have tried an old 160G first gen SDD that I used in a Lenovo X61. It also does not work in the X200 but I can image and get it to work in the X61.

4. I have not tried the the new SDD in the X61. That is next

5. I've tried True Image 2010 and TI 11 with no luck.

It must be something withthe X200 and only when using an SDD as neither the 1st gen or 2nd gen work but a stand disk drive works fine. Tearing my hair out. Any Ideas???

Thanks in advance

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Community Manager

If the problem is the x200 try copy the drives in another computer, never boot the disk here, configure this computer to boot from cd only.

Use acronis boot CD and boot acronis from cd, after copy to the new drive move it to the x200.