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confused over SSDs in RAID0

I read the support doc and it reads as if the firmware with TRIM (at least the version that was pulled) did not support automatic TRIM under win7 when running drives as a RAID array. I plan to run two X25-M 160's in RAID0 using ICHR10. I get the sense from my reading of the FAQ that running the optimizer manually will also not work while the drives are in RAID0. So, assuming the RAID support (or lack thereof) doesn't change with the forthcoming fixed firmware (hope springs eternal I know), what would be the best way to manage these drives to keep them optimized?

I frequently create a backup image of my Win7 system drive using Acronis 2010 to another drive. I have Vista 64 in dual boot (using a separate boot manager in another partition) that boots up off of a dfferent RAID0 array. One option I have been considering until RAID support for TRIM is available is to periodically take the two SSDs out of RAID mode (which will destroy the data on those drives), boot up Vista off the other HDD array, use the manual optimizer on the individual SSDs, reenable the SSD array, and then do restore of my Win7 system to the SSD pair. Is that the best interim workable process for those of us planning to run 2 or more X25's in RAID0?

Another question: does formatting an SSD partition (whether in RAID or non-RAID mode) have the same effect as running the optimizer?



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Formatting your drive now actually does something. You no longer have to boot to DOS and secure erase your SSD before installing Windows, just quick format the partition before installing Windows 7.

Article here