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dual booting Win7 with accelerated volumes is possible - is it dangerous?

I couldn't find any white paper or other information about this issue.

We have workstations that are equipped with normal HDs and cache msata 20GB SSDs. They work as accelerated volume under Intel RST.

However, we do dual-boot 2 Win7 installations in separate partitions on the HD. The intention was to disable the acceleration/caching in one of the Win7 installations. As we found out these settings don't seem to be stored in the Win7 installation (probably in the RAID controller).

Which means if the acceleration is enabled in one Win7 installation it will also be enabled after booting the second Win7 installation!

Surprisingly this seems to work without problems.

Is there a danger of data corruption (my hair stands up seeing RAID0 in this context)?

Is the cached data on the SSD rebuilt every time the other Win7 installation is booted and thus the acceleration effect lost?

Lastly, is it possible to disable acceleration in one Win7 installation and only have it in the other one?

I'd be happy to read how the SSD-caching works, which files are stored on the SSD!

Thank you very much!

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