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how to let win7 know you've changed drives

i've previously installed win7 onto an x25-m and happily found that all the settings seem to be correct (ie defrag and prefetch off for that drive). however i recently installed win7 on my laptop (previously winxp), it has worked great with zero problems. i then put in a new x25-m and cloned the contents of the old drive onto the new ssd. it works fine except... win7 has not figured out that this is an ssd. i had to manually turned of defrag and prefetch. is there some way to say "yo windows this is not the same drive it once was, change your settings"

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I have a similar query as my Windows 7 installation is not recognising that my X-25M 2nd Gen 80GB SSD is an SSD, and the Defrag & Prefetch options are still available against the drive.

How do I convince Windows that the Systems Drive is an SSD, and thus disable Defrag & Prefetch?