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how to migrate from HDD to SSD that was removed from Lenovo T440P

I recently upgraded the SSD that came installed in my T440P. I would now like to install the Intel 240GB SSD that came from the Lenovo laptop in another PC. I downloaded the Intel Data Migration Software (IDMS), connected the SSD to the PC via a USB to SATA connector. When I tried to migrate, IDMS recognized the SSD and appeared to be working. But, when I told it to clone the HDD it buzzed and whirred for about a minute then gave me the message "Operation Failed" with no other clues. I then downloaded the IIntell tool box and "wiped" the SSD and tried all over again. Same result.

What do I need to do to be able to use this Intel SSD in another PC? There appear to be 3 partitions on the SSD: System Drive, Lenovo Recovery, and Windodws 7_OS. if these need to be removed, do I need to reformat the SSD? If that's the case, what software is required to reformat the SSD? The only markings on the drive are the Intel logo, a sticker that says 240GB, and Lenovo related FRU and part numbers. I'd sure appreciate some help with this. Thanks.

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Hello john6225,

The process used to migrate the HDD to the existing Intel SSD 240 GB should be the same that you used in the Lenovo PC to migrate the data in the old SSD to the new SSD. From your explanation, the SSD from Lenovo is detected properly by IDMS as an Intel drive, otherwise it would not allow you to start the migration process, or even install the application.

It is advised to do a Secure Erase of the target SSD before initiating the migration process, or at least deleting the data and volumes from it. However, this is not a reason for whirring sounds.

As I understand, the HDD in the PC is making sounds during the migration, and eventually the clone operation fails. If this is the case, then the old Hard disk may be failing. If there are errors reading the source drive, then the cloning process will fail. Intel® Data Migration Software has to clone All the data in the drive; including partition information and files; if some portions of the data cannot be read correctly because the source has bad sectors or corrupted data, then it will not be possible to do a full clone onto a target drive.

If this is the situation you are facing, the first thing we advise you to do is a manual backup of any important folders and files from the failing HDD to a good drive.

Take into consideration that there if there are unreadable files in the old drive, you might need to manually select the good ones.