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install RAID drivers now?

I am planning a new build with an Intel 160Gb X-25M SSD. Then later, when they get the TRIM function to work with RAID, I plan on installing a second, identical 160Gb SSD. My question is .... Should I go ahead and install the Intel RAID drivers and the RAID management drivers after installing

Windows 7 64-bit, or should I ignore these 2 drivers for now, until I install the second SSD and set up the RAID array?

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As long as you don't have a RAID system, you are not even able to install any special RAID driver.

But: You can install the actual Intel MSM or RST drivers nevertheless, because the included driver named IASTOR.SYS supports RAID or AHCI (depending on your BIOS settings regarding the Intel SATA Controller).

I recommend to install one of the actual Intel AHCI drivers and to run the SSD Optimizer from time to time. This way you probably will have a better performance than with the generic MS AHCI driver.

Once you have the second SSD, you may create a RAID0 array for the best possible performance.