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intel G1 ssd reports weird unsafe shutdown cont

I have been using this INTEL SSDSA1MH080G1GN with firmware 045C8820 since January of this year.

The ssd Toolbox reports that

0C Power Cycle Count 2173 (Raw number)

C0 Unsafe Shutdown Count 1966 (Raw number)

in the Smart Attributes.

How could it be possible? I noticed that both numbers were always increased by 1 whenever I reboot or rewake from sleep mode.

When I replaced this ssd by another hard disk, then the Smart Attributes of the hard disk was reported correctly.

So it can't be the machine's falt (I am running Windows 7 in a laptop hp 2730p in native SATA mode.)

To test further, I installed the ssd into a desktop as a secondary (internal) drive, but in this case it reports correctly:

whenever I reboot, only Power Cycle Count is increased by 1.

By the way the desktop has G2 ssd drive as its main, and its attribute is reported correctly.

The mainboard of the desktop is TF7025 which has nvidia controller.

So I think that it is problem when you installed G1 ssd (at least) into Intel platform (at least Centrino 2).

One might think that it is just a number, but I searched this in the course of troubleshooting sleep mode problem.

I think the ssd or motherboard does not correctly process shutdown commands.

One more weired thing: the attribute reports

09 Power-On horurs Count as 24.

This is certainly riddiculous.

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