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intel dc p3700 2tb


Guten Morgen. Hier sind noch ein paar Daten zu meinem Problem. Noch ein Hinweis diese ssd steckt im untersten slot auf einem asus x-99 deluxe2 Board und grafikkarte ganz oben,

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Tun Sie dies und schauen Sie sich PCIe Ports an sollte es PCIe3 x4 sein.

isdct show -a -intelssd

PCILinkGenSpeed : 3

PCILinkWidth : 4



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Hi Gipser34,



Thank you for the information. However, please keep your responses in one single thread to avoid confusions.



I can see from the SSU report attached that you have your system configured in Legacy mode. It's recommended to have the system configured in UEFI mode instead. In order to change this setting you would have to re-install your OS in UEFI mode rather than Legacy mode, and set the BIOS to UEFI mode too.



However, before going to that path, let's try some suggestions first to see if we are able to increase the drive performance.



The first recommendation is the driver you are using. I can see in the report that you are using the Windows* driver for NVMe*. Please install this Intel NVMe* driver instead and see if the performance increases:



There is another driver that you may want to try. It might perform better than the one I just suggested, so if you didn't get the desired performance, please try with the following driver and let me know the results:



Note: You can run the benchmark test again after installing the driver to check what the new performance is. Additionally, please run the Intel SSU again to collect the system information and confirm we are using the new driver.



Besides the driver used, please make sure you are using the drive in the correct port. You should connect the SSD in a PCIe 3.0 x4 slot. If you connect the drive in another slot, for example a PCIe 2.0 slot, you won't have the full performance of the drive. We can confirm this information using the Intel® SSD Data Center Tool (DCT). This tool is the recommended one when working with Data Center SSDs like the one you have. Please download the tool from the following site:



An user guide that explains how to run the tool and use it is available here:



Once you have installed the tool, please run the following command and let me know the output. You can copy it in a text file and attach it in your response:



isdct show -all -intelssd



This command will provide additional details about the drive, including the PCIe speed of it.



Make sure first to install the driver I suggested above as it may be the easiest suggestion to perform and it may fix the performance issue.



I'll be waiting for your response.



If you have any questions about the driver or the tool, please let me know.



Have a nice day.





Diego V.
Community Manager

Hi Gipser34,



I'd like to know if you still need help, or if everything is working fine now.





Diego V.